LA Times Crossword Answers Saturday April 22nd 2023 (2023)

LA Times Crossword Answers Saturday April 22nd 2023 (1)

LA Times Crossword Answers Saturday April 22nd 2023

Here is the complete list of clues and answers for the Saturday April 22nd 2023, LA Times crossword puzzle.


1 “You __!” : WISH
The word that fills this crossword clue is “WISH”. The exclamation “You wish!” is commonly used as a dismissive response to someone’s request or suggestion, implying that what they want is unlikely or impossible to happen.

5 Video game portals : WARPS
The answer to this crossword clue is “WARPS”. In video games, a warp is a portal or mechanism that allows the player to quickly travel from one location to another, usually to a different level or area within the game. The term “warp” comes from the idea of bending or warping space to create a shortcut.

10 Remote places : DENS
The word that fills this crossword clue is “DENS”. A den is a secluded and often hidden place where animals or people can retreat to for privacy or safety. The term “remote” is often used to describe a den that is located far away from civilization or other populated areas.

14 Namesake of a Queens venue : ASHE
The answer to this crossword clue is “ASHE”. This refers to Arthur Ashe, a tennis player who was the first black man to win the US Open, and who grew up in Queens, New York. The Arthur Ashe Stadium is a tennis venue located in Queens and is named in his honor.

15 One-named singer whose surname is Adkins : ADELE
The answer to this crossword clue is “ADELE”. Adele is a singer-songwriter from the UK who has achieved worldwide fame for her soulful and emotive ballads. Her full name is Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, but she is commonly known by her first name only.

16 Suit : EXEC
The word that fills this crossword clue is “EXEC”. This is short for “executive”, which is a term used to describe a high-level manager or decision-maker in a business or organization. The term “suit” is often used as slang to refer to someone who works in an office or business environment, wearing a suit and tie as part of their professional attire.

17 Grappling style : GRECO-ROMAN
The answer to this crossword clue is “GRECO-ROMAN”. This is a style of wrestling that originated in ancient Greece and Rome, and is characterized by the use of throws and holds that focus on the upper body, rather than using the legs for kicking or tripping. The term “grappling” refers to the act of wrestling or engaging in close-quarters combat without the use of striking or weapons.

19 General symbol : STAR
In crossword puzzles, “general symbol” often refers to a military rank. However, in this case, the answer is “STAR,” which can also be considered a symbol of achievement or excellence. For example, in a school setting, a student might receive a gold star for outstanding work.

20 Booted, say : SHOD
“Shod” is an adjective that means “wearing shoes or footwear.” It’s often used in the phrase “well-shod” to describe someone who is well-dressed or has fashionable shoes.

21 Vial sought in some thrillers : ANTIDOTE
In many thrillers or action movies, the hero is often in need of an “antidote” to a poison or some other dangerous substance. The antidote is usually contained in a small vial or container, which the hero must find and use in order to save their own life or the life of someone else.

23 First woman to win a Best Director Oscar : KATHRYN BIGELOW
Kathryn Bigelow is a film director who made history in 2010 when she became the first woman to win the Academy Award for Best Director, for her film “The Hurt Locker.” She has also directed other critically acclaimed films such as “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Detroit.”

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25 “Malcolm in the Middle” dad : HAL
“Malcolm in the Middle” was a popular TV show that aired from 2000 to 2006. The character of Hal, played by Bryan Cranston, was the father of the main character, Malcolm. Hal was known for his quirky behavior and comedic antics.

26 “Barney Miller” actor : SOO
“Barney Miller” was a TV show that aired from 1975 to 1982. The character of Yemana, played by Jack Soo, was a detective in the precinct where the show took place. Soo was a Japanese-American actor who had a long career in TV and film.

27 Strategic match game : NIM
Nim is a classic two-player game that involves removing objects from a pile or piles, with the goal of forcing your opponent to take the last object. The game has been studied in game theory and has important applications in computer science and other fields.

28 Saudi, usually: ARAB
This is a crossword clue that refers to the people from Saudi Arabia, which is a country located in the Middle East. The term “Arab” refers to a cultural and linguistic group that includes many different countries in the region. In this case, the clue is specifically referring to someone from Saudi Arabia, which is the largest Arab country in the region.

30 Michael’s “Space Jam” teammate: BUGS
This clue is a reference to the popular 1996 movie “Space Jam,” which features the famous basketball player Michael Jordan as he teams up with a group of animated characters from the Looney Tunes franchise to save their world from an alien threat. One of Jordan’s teammates in the movie is Bugs Bunny, the famous cartoon character known for his wit, humor, and mischievous antics.

33 Speak up (for): VOUCH
This crossword clue is asking for a word that means “to speak up” or “to advocate for” someone or something. The word that fits this description is “vouch,” which means to express confidence in the truth or reliability of something or someone. For example, you might vouch for a friend’s honesty, or you might vouch for the accuracy of a particular piece of information.

37 “Time Quintet” novelist: MADELEINE L’ENGLE
This crossword clue is asking for the name of an author who wrote a series of books called the “Time Quintet.” The author in question is Madeleine L’Engle, an American writer who is best known for her science fiction and fantasy novels. The “Time Quintet” series consists of five books, including the popular “A Wrinkle in Time.”

40 Touchscreen tappers: STYLI
This clue is referring to a type of device that can be used to interact with touchscreen devices like smartphones, tablets, and computer monitors. A stylus is a pen-shaped instrument that is used to tap, swipe, and write on these types of screens. The plural form of the word is “styli.”

41 Au naturel: NUDE
This crossword clue is asking for a term that means “in a natural state” or “without clothing.” The word that fits this description is “nude,” which is often used to describe artwork or photography featuring unclothed human figures.

42 42 Flowering succulent: ALOE
This clue is referring to a type of plant that is known for its medicinal properties and ability to survive in arid environments. Aloe is a succulent plant that produces long, spiky leaves with a gel-like substance inside that canbe sued to treat burns wounds, and other skin conditions. Some species also produce brightly colored flowers.

43 Kids’ hangout: LEA
This crossword clue is referring to a place where children might like to hang out and play. The answer is “lea,” which is a term that refers to a grassy meadow or field. In this context, “kids’ hangout” is likely meant to evoke images of children running and playing in a wide open space.

45 Ortiz of 34-Down: ANA
This clue is referencing a person named Ortiz, who is associated with the place referred to in the answer to another clue. Specifically, the answer to 34-Down is likely to contain a word that is associated with Ortiz. Unfortunately, without more information about the rest of the puzzle, it is difficult to provide a more specific answer.

47 Runway letters: YSL
This crossword clue is asking for a term that might appear on a runway, which could be interpreted in a few different ways. However, in this case, the answer is “YSL,” which stands for Yves Saint Laurent. Yves Saint Laurent is a famous fashion designer who is known for creating stylish and elegant clothing that has been popular for many decades.

48 Paper featured in “Spotlight”: THE BOSTON GLOBE
This clue is referencing a newspaper that was featured in the movie “Spotlight,” which is a 2015 drama about the investigation into the Catholic Church’s cover-up of child sexual abuse in Boston. The answer is “The Boston Globe,” which is a real newspaper that played a significant role in breaking the story and bringing it to public attention.

54 Unorganized, in a way: NON-UNION
This crossword clue is referring to a type of organization or group that is not united or structured in a formal way. The answer is “non-union,” which can refer to workers who are not members of a labor union, or to any group of people who are not formally organized in a particular way.

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55 Air: TUNE
This clue is referring to a musical term that can refer to a specific melody or piece of music. The answer is “tune,” which can be used to describe any musical composition that has a distinctive melody or recognizable pattern.

56 Not bamboozled by: ONTO
This crossword clue is asking for a term that means “not deceived” or “aware of what is really going on.” The answer is “onto,” which can be used to describe someone who is aware of a particular situation or has figured out what is really going on. For example, you might say that you are “onto” someone’s scheme if you have figured out their true intentions.

57 Field of operations? : ARITHMETIC
This crossword clue is a play on words. “Field of operations” can refer to an area of expertise or activity, such as a military operation or a business strategy. However, in this case, the answer is “arithmetic,” which is a branch of mathematics that deals with numbers and their operations (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Arithmetic is often taught in elementary school and is a fundamental skill for many other branches of math.

61 Right-thinking Brit? : TORY
This crossword clue is a play on words that relies on a bit of political humor. “Right-thinking” can mean someone who is ideologically conservative or someone who is rational and logical. In this case, the answer is “Tory,” which is a political party in the United Kingdom that is generally associated with conservative views and policies.

62 Button material : NACRE
This crossword clue is referring to a material that might be used to make buttons, which are small objects used to fasten clothing. The answer is “nacre,” which is a substance that is also known as mother-of-pearl. Nacre is produced by mollusks and is often used to make jewelry, buttons, and other decorative items.

63 Above : ATOP
This clue is asking for a term that means “above” or “on top of.” The answer is “atop,” which is an adverb that can be used to describe something that is located above or on top of another object. For example, you might say that a bird is perched atop a tree or that a hat is sitting atop someone’s head.

64 “__ Tu”: 1974 hit : ERES
This crossword clue is referring to a popular song from the 1970s. The answer is “eres,” which is a Spanish word that means “you are.” The song in question is “Eres tú” (“It’s You”), which was performed by the Spanish band Mocedades and became a hit in many countries around the world.

65 Polish : SHEEN
This clue is referring to a term that can mean “shine” or “gloss.” The answer is “sheen,” which is a noun that can be used to describe a shiny or glossy surface. For example, you might say that a car has a bright sheen after it has been washed and waxed.

66 Tropical talker : MYNA
This crossword clue is referring to a type of bird that is often kept as a pet. The answer is “myna,” which is a species of starling that is native to Asia and Africa. Mynas are known for their ability to mimic human speech and are often kept in captivity as pets or for their vocal abilities.


1 Wit : WAG
This crossword clue is referring to a person who is known for their humor and clever remarks. The answer is “wag,” which is a term that can be used to describe someone who is a wit or jester. For example, you might say that Oscar Wilde was a famous wag who was known for his witty and often sarcastic comments.

2 Eilat’s nat. : ISR
This crossword clue is asking for the nationality of a city called Eilat. The answer is “ISR,” which is an abbreviation for “Israel.” Eilat is a city in the southern part of Israel, located on the shores of the Red Sea.

3 Tom Jones hit with the line “Always treat her with respect” : SHE’S A LADY
This crossword clue is referring to a popular song by the Welsh singer Tom Jones. The answer is “She’s a Lady,” which was released in 1971 and became one of Jones’s biggest hits. The song includes the memorable line “She’s a lady, whoa whoa whoa, she’s a lady / Talking about that little lady, and the lady is mine.”

4 1968 Pulitzer-winning poet Anthony : HECHT
This crossword clue is referring to a poet who won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1968. The answer is “Hecht,” which refers to Anthony Hecht, an American poet who is known for his formal style and use of traditional forms. Some of his most famous works include “The Hard Hours” and “Flight Among the Tombs.”

5 Magical portal to Narnia : WARDROBE
This crossword clue is referring to a famous children’s book by C.S. Lewis. The answer is “wardrobe,” which refers to the magical portal that leads the characters into the fantastical world of Narnia. In “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe,” the first book in the Narnia series, four siblings discover the wardrobe and are transported to a magical land where they embark on a series of adventures.

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6 Spot of bother : ADO
This crossword clue is referring to a minor problem or annoyance. The answer is “ado,” which is a noun that can be used to describe a fuss or commotion over a trivial matter. For example, you might say that someone is making a big ado about nothing if they are getting upset over something that is not important.

7 Staff again : REMAN
This crossword clue is asking for a term that means “to staff again” or “to supply with new staff.” The answer is “reman,” which is a verb that can be used to describe the act of restaffing a position or replacing workers who have left. For example, a company might reman a department that has experienced high turnover by hiring new employees to fill the open positions.

8 Fallback option: PLAN B
This crossword clue refers to an alternative course of action that is taken when the original plan is no longer feasible. The answer is “Plan B,” which is a commonly used phrase to describe a backup plan or contingency plan that can be implemented if the primary plan fails.

9 Deployed: SENT IN
This crossword clue refers to the act of sending in or assigning a group of people or resources to a particular location or mission. The answer is “Sent in,” which can be used to describe the deployment of troops to a war zone, the deployment of aid workers to a disaster area, or the deployment of resources to a business project.

10 Shakespearean woman who says, “A guiltless death I die”: DESDEMONA
This crossword clue is referring to a character from William Shakespeare’s play “Othello.” The answer is “Desdemona,” who is the wife of the play’s protagonist, Othello. In the play, Desdemona is falsely accused of infidelity by Othello and is eventually killed by him. Her final words, “A guiltless death I die,” are a reflection of her innocence and loyalty to her husband.

11 Hail: EXTOL
This crossword clue is referring to the act of praising or lauding someone or something. The answer is “Extol,” which means to praise highly or to exalt. The word “hail” can be used to express approval or admiration, so this clue is looking for a synonym for “praise” or “commend.”

12 “Cool beans”: NEATO
This crossword clue is referring to a slang expression that is used to express approval or agreement. The answer is “Neato,” which is a similar slang term that can be used to express excitement or enthusiasm. Both “cool beans” and “neato” are casual expressions that are often used in conversation or text messages.

13 Hardware item: SCREW
This crossword clue is referring to a common hardware item that is used to fasten two objects together. The answer is “Screw,” which is a threaded metal rod with a pointed end that can be turned to drive it into a material. Screws are commonly used in construction, woodworking, and manufacturing to attach or secure objects.

18 Sounds of wonder: OOHS
This crossword clue is referring to the sounds that people make when they are impressed or amazed by something. The answer is “Oohs,” which are vocal expressions of awe or admiration. This word is often used to describe the sounds that an audience makes during a performance or when they see something spectacular.

22 “Enough!”: I GIVE
This crossword clue refers to a phrase used to indicate that the speaker is surrendering or giving up on something. The answer is “I give,” which can be used to express frustration or resignation. It is often used when someone has reached their limit and can no longer continue with a particular activity or situation.

23 Gold unit: KARAT
This crossword clue is referring to a unit of measurement used to indicate the purity of gold. The answer is “Karat,” which is a measure of the proportion of pure gold in a piece of jewelry or other object. Pure gold is 24 karats, while a 14 karat gold object contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals.

24 “Coming with?”: YOU IN
This crossword clue refers to a question asked when inviting someone to participate in an activity or event. The answer is “You in,” which is a casual and informal way of asking someone if they want to come along. This phrase is often used among friends or in social situations.

25 Radio hobbyists: HAMS
This crossword clue refers to people who are interested in amateur radio communication as a hobby. The answer is “Hams,” which is a term used to describe amateur radio enthusiasts. The term is thought to have originated in the early days of radio communication, when amateur radio operators were often referred to as “amateurish” or “ham-fisted” due to their lack of experience.

29 Navigation aids that ring in waves: BELL BUOYS
This crossword clue is referring to a type of navigational aid that is used to mark channels, reefs, or other hazards in the water. The answer is “Bell buoys,” which are buoys that are equipped with a bell or other sounding device that is activated by the motion of the waves. The sound produced by the bell helps mariners to navigate in foggy or low visibility conditions.

31 Horned ungulate native to Africa: GNU
This crossword clue is referring to a type of large mammal that is found primarily in Africa. The answer is “Gnu,” which is a member of the antelope family that is known for its distinctive horns and shaggy coat. Gnus are herbivores that are often preyed upon by lions, hyenas, and other large predators.

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32 Rental option: SEDAN
This crossword clue refers to a type of car that is commonly rented for personal or business use. The answer is “Sedan,” which is a four-door passenger car that typically seats four to six people. Sedans are popular rental cars because they are comfortable, fuel-efficient, and relatively inexpensive.

34 Former ABC series based on a telenovela: UGLY BETTY – “Ugly Betty” is a dramedy TV series that originally aired on ABC from 2006 to 2010. The show is based on the Colombian telenovela “Yo Soy Betty, La Fea,” which follows the life of a young, bright-eyed woman named Betty Suarez who lands a job at a prestigious fashion magazine in New York City despite her lack of fashion sense and unconventional appearance.

35 Right around the corner: CLOSE – The word “close” can be used to indicate that something is nearby or imminent. For example, “the store is close to our house” or “the end of the year is close.” It can also be used as an adjective to describe something that is near to completion, like “we’re getting close to finishing the project.”

36 Bread end: HEEL – The “heel” of a loaf of bread is the end piece that is typically smaller than the rest of the slices. Some people prefer to discard the heel, while others enjoy it toasted or used for sandwiches.

38 Rest 63-Across: LIE ON – “Lie on” is a phrasal verb that means to recline or rest one’s body on a surface, like a bed or couch.

39 Stretch: LENGTHEN – To “lengthen” means to make something longer or to increase its length. This can refer to physical objects, like stretching a rubber band or extending a piece of fabric, or to time, like lengthening a deadline or a vacation.

44 Most people: ASIANS – The clue “most people” is referring to the fact that Asians make up the largest racial group in the world, with over 4.6 billion people identifying as Asian as of 2021.

46 Reunion attendee: ALUM – An “alum” is a graduate or former student of a school or university. The term is often used in reference to alumni reunions, where former students gather to reconnect and reminisce about their shared experiences.

48 Govt. bill : T-NOTE – This is a type of Treasury note issued by the United States government. It has a maturity period ranging from 1 to 10 years and is issued at a discount from its face value, paying the face value at maturity.

49 __ guard : HONOR – This term is used to describe a group of guards who protect a person, such as a head of state, during official events or ceremonies. It can also refer to a protective shield or screen.

50 __ nous : ENTRE – This is a French term that translates to “between us” in English. It is used to indicate that a conversation or statement should be kept confidential or secret.

51 Holy scroll : TORAH – The Torah is the central text of Judaism, consisting of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. It is also known as the Pentateuch and includes the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

52 Chilling : ON ICE – This phrase can be used to describe a drink that is served with ice cubes, or to describe something that is being stored or kept cold, such as food or a body.

53 Day’s first stroke : ONE AM – This refers to the first hour of the morning, which is usually designated as 1:00 AM on a 12-hour clock.

58 A quarter of dodici : TRE – “Dodici” is the Italian word for twelve, so “tre” is the Italian word for three.

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59 Cyclotron particle : ION – A cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator that uses a magnetic field to accelerate charged particles, such as ions. The particles are then used in various scientific experiments or medical treatments.

60 Pro with brackets : CPA – CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant, which is a professional designation given to accountants who have passed the CPA exam and fulfilled other state-specific education and experience requirements. Brackets may refer to the use of brackets in accounting, which can indicate a negative value.


Is there a crossword in the Saturday Times? ›

The Times has a daily cryptic crossword (Monday to Saturday), with the Saturday puzzles being prize crosswords.

Can I print the LA Times crossword puzzle? ›

Click on the word Print in the upper-right corner above the grid. You will be given the option to print an empty grid, the grid with the letters filled in so far, or the grid with the entire solution.

What crossword is in recent times 6 letters? ›

IN RECENT TIMES Crossword Clue
in recent times with 6 Letters
in recent times with 7 Letters
41 more rows

Does the LA Times crossword get harder as the week goes on? ›

"LA Times follows the exact same increasing-difficulty pattern as the NYT, only a little bit easier each day (and Friday LATs have themes, whereas most Friday NYTs are themeless). Newsday is super-easy Mon/Tues, and gets gradually tougher by Friday (but easier than the NYT).

Is Saturday crossword harder than Sunday? ›

The Saturday crossword is actually the hardest puzzle of the week. Mondays have the most straightforward clues and Saturday clues are the hardest, or involve the most wordplay. Contrary to popular belief, the Sunday puzzles are midweek difficulty, not the hardest. They're just bigger.

What day is the hardest crossword day? ›

The crosswords are designed to increase in difficulty throughout the week, with the easiest puzzle on Monday and the most difficult on Saturday. The larger Sunday crossword, which appears in The New York Times Magazine, is an icon in American culture; it is typically intended to be as difficult as a Thursday puzzle.

Can I get the LA Times crossword online? ›

Welcome to our free daily crossword puzzles. Follow the clues and attempt to fill in all the puzzle's squares. Check back each day for a new puzzle or explore ones we recently published.

Is The Times crossword app free? ›

About The New York Times Crossword

New York Times Crosswords app is available for free to download on iOS and Android devices.

How much does LA Times pay for crossword puzzles? ›

Submission Guidelines for the Los Angeles Times Crossword Patti Varol, Editor Katie Hale, Assistant Editor We are looking for fun, fresh, well-constructed crosswords that will appeal to a wide... The most significant change is our pay rate: daily puzzles are now $125, and Sunday puzzles are now $300.

What is the most used word in crossword puzzles? ›

“ERA” is the most common word in crossword puzzles, as well as “ARE,” “AREA,” and “ORE,” according to Gaffney.

What are the most used letters in crosswords? ›

In crossword puzzles, S was the most frequent consonant and the third most frequent 1etter (after E and A). By contrast, most crypt ologists agre,e that in general writing T is the most frequent consonant, and the second most frequent letter.

What's a 9 letter word for very nervously? ›

All Solutions for VERY NERVOUSLY
1 more row

Is doing crosswords good for your brain? ›

In fact, 37% of those doing crossword puzzles did show at least a two-point improvement. This means that crossword puzzles can improve thinking and memory almost as much as an FDA-approved memory-enhancing medication.

What is hardest day of week for crossword? ›

Fun Fact: The Saturday crossword is actually the hardest puzzle of the week. Contrary to popular belief, the Sunday puzzles are midweek difficulty, not the hardest. Mondays have the most straightforward clues and Saturday clues are the most vague or involve the most wordplay.

What is the average time it takes to finish a crossword? ›

Top solvers can complete a Sunday Times crossword, on average, in 8-12 minutes.

Is it OK to do crossword puzzles before bed? ›

Puzzles provide a much better opportunity to relax, making it easier to fall asleep and properly switch off. You need to look at individual parts of a jigsaw puzzle, or available spaces in a crossword puzzle and figure out how to fit the pieces or words into their space.

What newspaper has the best crossword puzzles? ›

The New York Times is the holy grail for crossword puzzlers. If nothing beats the satisfaction of filling out a crossword puzzle by hand, then check out the New York Times' catalog of spiral-bound puzzle books.

Which Daily crossword is easiest? ›

In case you didn't know, the daily New York Times Crossword has a difficulty curve as the week goes on. Monday is the easiest puzzle, and then Tuesday is a little harder, climbing up to Saturday, which is the hardest day of the week.

What is the most famous crossword puzzle? ›

The Times Crossword is the world's most famous crossword. This is a compilation of The Times Crossword Books 1 & 4, the crosswords having been compiled by Mike Laws, the former editor of The Times Crossword.

What does FR mean in crossword? ›

Identifying an Abbreviation in a Clue

Most of the time, abbreviations have a period at the end of two to three letters. Some common crossword abbreviations include: Fr. – French.

What is the fastest crossword puzzle time? ›

15 year old Deepika Ravichandran, a junior at the University High School of Science and Engineering, is the fastest puzzler on the planet, logging in at 13 minutes and seven seconds to complete the official Guinness puzzle on May 9. Her time beats the current record of 13 minutes and 14 seconds.

How does LA Times crossword scoring work? ›

When you're done with a puzzle, the program gives you a score based on how many of the squares you correctly filled (points are subtracted for the use of the cheat features). You can also, if you choose, play against the clock, striving to complete a puzzle within an allotted amount of time.

Is LA Times free? ›

Unlimited Digital Access subscriber: This is your all-access pass to the Los Angeles Times app, as well as other benefits for $15.99 a month.

What does e.g. mean in crossword? ›

“Exempli gratia” or “e.g.” which translates to “for example,” is used to introduce examples in a list format.

What does rebus mean in crossword? ›

So what exactly is a REBUS? “A 'rebus' in a crossword is anything that gets entered in a square that's not a single letter of the alphabet. Typically, rebuses are parts of themes,” Mr.

What do circles mean in crossword? ›

Circles in a crossword highlight a theme for the puzzle. They either spell out what the theme is, words or letters related to the theme, and/or are in a pattern illustrating that theme. They provide extra clues to how each needs to be filled out.

What is the best offline crossword puzzle? ›

Wordscapes. This one of the best offline crossword puzzles will keep you entertained forever. The best crossword app has puzzles based on words. You need to use your brainpower to find unexpected combinations of words.

What is the best free online crossword puzzle maker? ›

Crossword Labs is a crossword puzzle maker. It's the simplest and fastest way to build, print, share and solve crossword puzzles online. And it's free to use! No ads, no watermarks, and no registration required.

Does LA Times have a Sunday crossword? ›

One of the most entertaining puzzles around, the Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle offers a broad range of vocabulary and cultural clues, along with a sprinkling of humor and wordplay.

Are there any free crossword puzzles online? › is the largest supplier of free crossword puzzles on the web, publishing 15 grids daily from an archive of more 100,000. You can play in your web browser, smartphone, tablet or print in high resolution. No registration required.

What was the first word in the first ever crossword? ›

Wynne's puzzle has one word already filled in—“fun,” the name of the newspaper section in which the puzzle was published. The clues are slightly different—instead of “across” and “down,” the clues say the numbers of the starting and ending boxes of that word.

What is the highest point in crossword puzzle? ›

the highest point: crossword clues
  • Matching Answer. Confidence.
  • ACME. 95%
  • APEX. 90%
  • ETNA. 60%
  • ACE. 60%
  • APOGEE. 60%
  • EVEREST. 60%
  • ARARAT. 60%

What is the most common first letter in the Wordle? ›

You may intuitively know that the most common starting letter for a daily Wordle is "S". What you may not know is how common it is. Roughly 18% of the possible Wordle answers start with "S".

What is the 5th least common letter in the Wordle? ›

The least common letters in all words are the usual suspects: J, Q, Z, X, and it's unlikely any five-letter Wordle word would contain any of those characters. F, V, and K are also uncommon, but these letters have higher odds of being in one of the five possible Wordle positions.

What is the most common starting letter in Wordle? ›

Over 15% of Wordle's words of the day start with S. Only six other starting letters appear in more than 5% of Wordle words. In order of frequency, they are C, B, T, P, A, and F. These starting letters might seem pretty surprising, but they are close to the order of general five-letter words.

What is the most extreme word for fear? ›

In some situations, the words terror and fear are roughly equivalent. However, terror implies the most extreme degree of fear.

What is the most intense word for calm? ›

  • peace.
  • peacefulness.
  • tranquillity.
  • serenity.
  • ease.
  • calmness.
  • sereneness.
  • tranquility.

What is a word for nervous anxiety? ›

Some common synonyms of anxiety are care, concern, solicitude, and worry. While all these words mean "a troubled or engrossed state of mind or the thing that causes this," anxiety stresses anguished uncertainty or fear of misfortune or failure.

Why do old people do crosswords? ›

Reduce Stress

Elderly people can often face a number of stresses in their daily life. These can range from their financial situation to social or medical challenges they may experience along the way. Crosswords and other such puzzles (e.g. word searches) can offer a valuable way to relax.

Do crosswords stop dementia? ›

Now, a study published in NEJM Evidence has found that regularly attempting a crossword may help slow decline in some people with mild cognitive impairment, an early stage of faltering memory that can sometimes progress to dementia.

Do puzzles help with dementia? ›

Puzzles are an excellent way for seniors with dementia to strengthen cognition, reduce agitation, and promote a feeling of accomplishment. They can also be a fun way for family or caregivers to engage with their loved one.

What does lat mean in crosswords? ›

Last month – ULT (ultimo) Latin – L or LAT.

What do dashes mean in crosswords? ›

You've probably noticed that some of the clues are nothing but dashes, and the entries for those clues are not numbered. Those are not production errors. The dashes represent the end of the entry after we've added the SUN back to the entry on the other side of it. Let's take a look at 20A.

How do you get faster at crosswords? ›

Tips for Solving Crossword Puzzles
  1. Believe in yourself. ...
  2. Use a pencil, not a pen. ...
  3. Tackle the easiest clues first. ...
  4. Confirm an answer by solving the entries that cross it. ...
  5. Make guesses. ...
  6. It's okay to look stuff up! ...
  7. Ask a friend for help. ...
  8. Take a break.
Feb 1, 2022

Can you become good at crosswords? ›

Many people think of crosswords as an “elite” game or a game for academics. But it doesn't have to be that way. Anyone can enjoy crosswords, and anyone can become better crossword solvers, too. Plus, it doesn't take a lot of study to improve your crossword game.

Do crosswords improve spelling? ›

Hence, crossword puzzles are still a fantastic educational tool used to develop different skills such as verbal reasoning, vocabulary, problem-solving, spelling, grammar and memory.

What time does the Saturday NYT Crossword come out? ›

On weekends, the puzzle is available at 6 p.m. EST. To receive alerts on your device when the newest daily puzzle is available, you can enable push notifications in the app Settings.

Is there a nyt crossword every day? ›

Track your progress and access more than 9000 New York Times daily puzzles with a crossword subscription.

Is there a crossword in Sunday Times? ›

The Sunday Times weekly cryptic and concise puzzles are also available free as part of your subscription and can be found in the Brain Power section of the Sunday Times website. Where can I find other Times crosswords, such as the Saturday jumbos and the Listener?

What time does the Sunday crossword come out? ›

Puzzles are published weekly on Sundays at 9pm ET. Are puzzles the same in the print magazine and online? Yes. New puzzles that appear in the magazine appear online.

What is the average time to finish the nyt crossword? ›

Top solvers can complete a Sunday Times crossword, on average, in 8-12 minutes.

How much does the nyt pay for a Sunday crossword puzzle? ›

PuzzlesSizePublished 1 – 2
Monday – Saturday15 x 15$500
Sunday21 x 21$1,500
Jan 3, 2023

How much does it cost to do the nyt crossword? ›

Subscription also excludes access to New York Times digital news content, Cooking, Wirecutter or The Athletic. Your payment method will automatically be charged $5 in advance every 4 weeks for a monthly subscription or $40 in advance once yearly for an annual subscription.

Can you play nyt crossword without subscription? ›

If you do not have a New York Times Games subscription, you can still access: The Mini crossword in the Games app. Three archive crossword puzzles updated weekly online. Sudoku.

What is the most famous NYT crossword? ›

The most famous Schrödinger puzzle, and maybe the most famous crossword puzzle in American history, was published on the morning of Election Day in 1996. The clue for the two central entries read “Lead story in tomorrow's newspaper (!).” A bold clue indeed!


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